Amanda was joined by a wonderful trio of musicians; Lessie Vonner (trumpet), Danielle Grubb (bass and guitar) and Nisha Purushotham (percussion) to lead worship at the Limitless Young Women's conference at Duke University. The gathering song time before opening worship helped the band and congregation get to know one another and prepare for amazing worship together!

As a part of her presentation at The Center for Congregational Song's launch event in Dallas, TX, Amanda spoke about the importance of holy spirit-improvisation in worship. She led the community in an improvised song, wove scripture throughout telling the story of Pentecost and invited people into their own "heart song" (to add their own unique voice to the improvisation). 

Amanda begins at the piano for this pick-up choir experience at the Montreat Youth Event Alpha week 1. She and co-director, Eric Wall put together this medley of songs from the "roots" of religious tradition: an ancient Gloria, a Hebrew prayer for peace, an African-American spiritual and the beloved hymn, Amazing Grace. Amanda's lovely daughters, Sofia and Luisa sing in the front row of the choir!

Easter 2017 at Disciples Christian Church was creative and inclusive. Included were excerpts from Handel's Messiah as well as a closing celebration with fiddle music by Ed Caner!